I have grown used to attacks. In the press, in my inbox, on Twitter, and on my person. I travel with security. I accept all of this, it is part of the life I chose. But it is the attacks on my husband that make me weep with rage.

If you care at all about me, if your life has been improved by Braintune, then I urge you to support Tom. The hacker group 4reemachines, who’ve jokingly named themselves after my husband, have gone one step further in their cruelty today. It’s not enough that they claim my chip is a potential security risk for every person who has one. It’s not enough that they constantly try to break into my facilities and access my company’s proprietary code. Now they have put a bounty on Tom’s head.

They are actually offering money to people to attempt to enter my husband’s brain.

Let me tell you, Tom does not deserve this. When I met him, he was in a dark place. He’d been in and out of institutions most of his life. He was prone to violence. Doctors said he was untreatable. But I knew that there was a way to release him from those violent impulses and I made it my life’s work to do it.

You’ve all heard the story of how I implanted Tom with the chip before it had been approved for human trials. But I’ve never said why I did it. Tom had grown increasingly erratic and abusive. Sometimes I was afraid for myself. So, when he was sleeping, I injected him with the nano chip. And since then he has been a new man.

He’s no longer subject to the symptoms of his disease. He’s in control. He’s finally free to be the person he truly is. And that’s been the greatest gift of my life. I founded Braintune because I wanted to change lives. Not just the lives of people like Tom—the lives of people like me. Because I am the one who was truly saved when he got his chip.

So, now you know why I’m so passionate about Braintune, and about my husband. They are one and the same. If one goes, so does the other. And I will protect them both with my life.