So, what is Digitalism? I get asked that a lot. Sometimes I joke that it’s people who love fingers.

Digitalism is a funny thing. It’s a concept and a philosophy dreamed up by people who hate it. It’s almost as if they willed it into being. To them, Digitalism is a rival religion, an unfounded faith in technology and a threat to humankind. The Cranamericans say that  “Digitalism is the worship of robot technology and the desire for people to be replaced by machines.” They also proclaim that “The Cranamerican Foundation fights digitalism with peaceful prayer and vigils.”

These are the people who tried to kill me. Last month, as I was touring a Tuning Test facility in Turin, a bomb went off. It was in the building I was about to enter—in fact, if I had not gotten a phone call from my husband, Tom, slowing me down, I would have been in the building when it exploded. Dozens of workers were injured; luckily all data was saved.

I say, if believing in technology makes me a Digitalist, then I am a Digitalist. But I build chips, not bombs.