Body Hopping

Nov 11, 2017

I just came from prayer. Do I believe? I don’t know. I thought Tom was my savior, but what if I am his killer? Did I save us both with the chip, or damn us? Today I realized that  if I die, Tom would likely die too. No one else knows how his chip works, or what he is really like.

But I trust Tom. It’s fine. We’re fine. We’re going to leave this all behind.

Update, November 13, 2017

Hello everyone, Tom here. I wanted you to be the first to know that it’s true. Lily’s dead.  I’m stunned and numb, as I know you are. All I can do now is make sure that the work continues—and that Lily will live on. Please stay with us on this journey.



November 10, 2017

The recall is bullshit. You all know me. You know I would never create a chip that could hurt anyone, and I certainly would never inject such a chip into the man I love.

I know the 4reemers are behind it. Probably they are targeting my investors, as well. The board is overreacting. My chips work. They would never ask a man to step down.

The silver lining is that Tom has been a rock throughout all of this. I should never have doubted him. Of course he passed the Tuning Test. That doesn’t mean he has been hacked.

He continues to be an incredible brand ambassador.


I can’t believe there are still people who think it is funny to joke about Tom hurting me, or to pretend that he is some kind of robot. I’ll show them. As soon as I get my company back.

It’s all good.

November 7, 2017
Hey everyone–don’t believe what you read in the press about me. Especially about my marriage. I’ve been in love with Tom from the very first day we met. He would never hurt me. The police and my security overreacted because there have been so many threats on my life. But we’re good. The Tuning Test proves it!

Why Tuning Tests Matter

November 3, 2017

People often ask me how a chip might affect them or a loved one. It reminds me of the old fears people used to have about certain medicines or other treatment modalities. I tell them the truth: a Braintune chip will change them. It will make them better.

And then I remind them of the Tuning Test. It’s so simple really, I almost added it as a joke. If you think a partner, coworkers, child, or friend is malfunctioning, simply open the app and have it generate a failsafe question. If the subject answers the question correctly, then all is well.

If you are alone, and you’d like a Tuning Test, simply head to one of our Tuning centers all over the world and get a free test.

If only other things in life were so sure, right?